(1908 - 1986)
The Sensitive Vision

January 27 - February 17 . 2018

Artist: Lillian Freiman Pastel: Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman 26 x 20 pastel






"The harmonies which she creates have the mellow and nostalgic sweetness of a tune remembered from childhood. Her forms are sometimes well-defined and sometimes amorphous, and hence seem to create an existence which is neither fully concrete nor wholly ethereal. What holds them together is the same purity of lyrical feeling, so manifest in her graceful, linear rhythms and her iridescent colours. Her drawing occasionally has the masterly economy and grandeur of a renaissance artist."

- Dr. Julius S. Held, Art Historian & Critic
from The Growth of Canadian Painting by Donald W. Buchanan, pg. 71


Artist: Lillian Freiman Pastel: Untitled

Untitled 13 x 12 gouache, pastel, graphite



Artist: Lillian Freiman Pastel: Untitled - Paris

Untitled 12.5 x 10 gouache, pastel & graphite






Artist: Lillian Freiman Pastel: Untitled

Untitled 20 x 10 watercolour, pastel & graphite

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